10 top common questions asked

  1. Do you have a business car or van with your business logo on it?          I arrive at your home in my own family car with no marking on the vehicle what so ever.

  2. I struggle with letting go of my unwanted clutter, do you take away my black bags etc?                                                                                As part of my unique service, I remove your unwanted, unloved & unused clutter to the local charity shop andcharity bins as well as any broken or unwanted electrical items to the recycling centre on your behalf. This is included in my fee and is optional. If you wish to take your bags to the charity shop or bin there is no problem.

  3. Is your service Confidential?                                                               My home & wardrobe service is 100% confidential, as well as non-Judgemental to all my clients.

  4. Do you take before & after Pictures of my cluttered room or home?     I always take pictures as you would regret it after the unique transformation and with the consent from all my clients if its ok I share them on my website. From looking at my before & after transformations people can resonate so much with this photos, clutter is personal to us all differently

  5. Do you tag my name or put in the location of your clients on social media & your web site?Again my service is fully confidential, I do not meantion exact locations or tag any clients with my posts. I keep my postings very general in my wording.

  6. What service do you provide?                                                                 I provide a hands on decluttering & organising service in the comfort in your own home. I work with you going through your unwanted clutter and transforming an area or areas that you feel lighter, motivated, a sense of freedom , and where every thing has its place in the home.

  7. Do you offer hourly rates?                                                                   No, I offer all my clients packages to suit each and every ones needs with my 3, 6 and tailor made packages  ( minimum 3 day program). This depends on the amount of rooms, the size of your home and your ability to let go of your clutter.

  8. If I book a 3 or 6 day program can I upgrade to a tailor made package if needs be?                                                                                    If you decide during any of the programs as well as the tailor made package that you need more sessions within the month of booking, I take off the amount paid prior and add on the extra sessions. the balance can be paid card over the phone.

  9. How can I pay for your services?                                                           I take card payments over the phone, all sessions must be paid in full & in advance of my arrival.

  10.  Do you throw every thing in to a skip or in the bin?                           I work along side you by guiding, supporting & motivating you to let go of your unwanted clutter. You are in control at all times, and I don’t tell you what to keep or throw out. If items are in good to excellent condition and with your consent I can take them to the local charity shop as a donation.