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The moment I met Anne Marie, I knew that my days of clutter were well & truly over, she was like a breath of fresh air on the day she arrived.
I had struggled with a lifetime of clutter in every area of our family home and with
Anne Marie’s guidance & motivation we tackled every area with a
tailor-made package to suit me.
The clutter was weighing me down mentally, physically & emotionally, I felt useless  & lazy that I couldn’t sort it my self.

I always seem to be tidying but in actual fact, I was only moving stuff from one area
to the next.
I can truly say Anne Marie is a wonderful ambassador for decluttering & organising your
home and put me at total ease. As well as non-judgemental and confidential service.
It is extremely difficult to let go of things but with Anne Marie’s guidance,
I feel as if a load has been lifted off my shoulders, feeling lighter, and has taken years off me.
We can now as a family move around our house with ease and now love our home & space and are no longer embarrassed when people call unannounced!
I would highly recommend Anne Marie’s  5 star Profesional service.


Definitely great to have thrown out so much paperwork! An emotional day for me, started on a low but I am much better since. Decluttering works wonders thanks to you, your encouragement and your understanding”

Noreen - East Cork

I recently completed a 3 day programme with Anne Marie of White Sage home decluttering. Having been feeling overwhelmed with the task ahead and not knowing where to start, Anne Marie made the process a lot easier with her fantastic help, tips & guidance. The transformation of the rooms being worked on is truly amazing.
I am so glad I (eventually!)made the call for help & would highly recommend Anne Marie & her service.


I have been working on decluttering my house and office for a few years and at various times had made good progress but then got stuck. There were lots of things that I just needed to talk about and come up with a solution to either let them go or find a storage place for them. Having Anne Marie’s gentle guidance and listening helped hugely and I was able to decide and move on easily. I particularly liked Anne Marie’s enthusiasm and good humour and I learnt a lot from her in our session. I now look forward to completing the rest of my decluttering using her method. Thank you so much Anne Marie.

Claire Barton

Long Strand

“Anne Marie, you are my inspiration”

I want to thank you for your inspirational  Facebook page, tips and weekly newsletters.

We had an incident in our home a while back and as a result, we were living out of boxes while our house was been repaired. I decluttered our home in the last few weeks and decided to set up my first ever stall at a local car boot sale.

Over 2 days I took in over €600 for some of my unwanted, unloved & unused items, and the items I didn’t sell on the day were donated to the local charity shop.

The number of items we had in our home was so wasteful as I didn’t even love them but always felt guilty about them on display for family & friends when they called around.

I feel so energised by the clear out and now love my new decluttered home.

The money I raised will be going towards some item(s) that we both love and that we want to display and show off.

What you do is truly amazing and certainly does transform lives, homes & families.

Thank you again and keep up your great work.



My wardrobe space had far too many clothes resulting in inaccessibility.
My head was also cluttered as a result.

I loved Anne Marie’s soft approach and I felt in control at all times.
I can now open the wardrobe doors and admire there order.

And most importantly I can access everything easily and as a result my mind is now decluttered and relaxed.

Rita Murphy

West Cork

I’m genuinely very grateful for your guidance, support and motivation in the transformation of my kitchen.
As well as your privacy and confidentiality you delivered.
Highly recommend Anne Marie


(West Cork)

I feel I can do anything now.
I can’t believe how the clutter was clogging my energy.
Thinking about “Oh I must clean the house”
I now can enjoy having a coffee and meeting my friends without the guilt.
Thank you thank you !!
Best money spent this year.



I can’t say enough about today, I just feel exhilarated, just wow! So much done today. Big thank you for bringing me to this point, no turning back or looking back!

Ms. East Cork Bound


West Cork

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