How many times have you put off decluttering your family home because of little or no motivation, lacking in energy, or time-poor?

Are you feeling fed up with the state of your home and want things to change?

How often have you closed the door or drawer hoping the issue will go away?

Or is the biggest obstacle not knowing where to start?

I have been working for several years in person in women’s homes all over Ireland  with my 1-2-1 hands-on service

For over 30 years I have helped family & friends declutter their personal clutter and went on to study an intensive 12-month decluttering course and graduated as a Professional Declutterer in 2017.

For several years since I have been offering a 121 hands-on professional decluttering service.

For the first time ever you can get my help for a much smaller investment than my hands-on service.

I may be unusual in that I am incredibly passionate about helping women to remove clutter and what this results in not just transforming their homes but their overall health & wellbeing as well.

Decluttering is life-changing and I want to share my tips, advice and support you as we declutter your home together.

And for the first time ever you get to work with me in a group along with other amazing like-minded women at a fraction of the cost of my 1-2-1 work.

I would Like to Announce that White Sage Academy is Now Open!

A step by step process to start decluttering each and every area of your home

Why not utilise a few minutes each day to transform your home with small tasks & videos.

You don’t have to do it ALONE.

Let’s do it together as a group of like-minded women and have fun along the way, as well as support & accountability by taking action.

This incredible positive and supportive group is waiting for you.

Hop in now and get your ‘Get Started Decluttering’ module and instant access to the group to get my support from today.

 In White Sage Academy you will get:


* 12 monthly themes ( covering all areas of the home) with weekly tasks.

* Weekly decluttering sessions each Monday morning for 60 mins each via zoom meeting, where you roll up the sleeves and get decluttering.

* Monthly pdf checklists for each area of the home.

* Full access to me in the group for tips, ideas and motivation.

* Support, accountability from both myself and the Facebook group of like-minded women.


€41 per month (monthly payment)


€410 for 12 months (once-off payment) saving you 2 months with an added bonus of

30 minutes 1:1 virtual call to work on any area of your home when you pay in full.

And Now…… can purchase a 6 month full access pass as a gift for you or a loved one for just €205. 

Terms & Conditions
* White Sage Academy (WSA) is a membership group to support you to declutter your home. Membership is paid either weekly (your account will be debited on the same day each month) or 6/12 monthly (you will be offered a renewal at the end of your term).

* You can leave the membership at any time and will keep access to the group until the end of your payment period.
For best results, commit for a minimum of 3 months to see the real transformation of your home.

* Please allow 7 days notification to the admin team of WSA for any changes to your subscription to take effect.

* You are welcome to rejoin the membership at a later stage but you will have to pay the current price
(the price will increase over time) at that time. 

What My Members Say

“I would highly recommend anyone to join this group. The guidance and support you give us within this group has literally changed the way I live. For years my version of decluttering was move stuff from one room too another. I’m only in the group less than 2 months and I have done more decluttering in these fee weeks than I’d done in years. It’s been tough parting with my past but I’m now gonna make way for my future. The support & kindness is this group is beyond anything I’ve experienced before in a group. I feel like I’ve known these women all my life. somedays I don’t feel like I want to declutter but then I look at the comments & pictures and it gives me that energy to keep going. If you look at my pictures I’m getting rid of paperwork that has accumulated in the last 20 + years . I have cleared my bedroom and it’s allowed my sleep improve . This is all in 6 weeks. Yes theres more too go but small changes each day or most days and I’m getting there. This group also is very therapeutic coz I laugh so much with these women. It makes my day. So anyone thinking of joining I can’t say enough about Anne Marie & these ladies and the support is incredible. It’s very interactive and lots of hints & tips. There’s no judging and when you see the before & after pictures that we all put up you will feel the energy go back into the rooms. so give it a try and I bet you will never look back” – Rachel, Cork.

“2 months ago I decided to join White sage academy not knowing what to expect. I have enjoyed every moment of this amazing journey so far. Anne Marie is an amazing treasure. She is so supportive, encouraging and kind and has a gentle working manner. The group is full of hints, tips and advice from both Anne Marie and all the other ladies. What can I say about the amazing group of ladies. We are all here for each other through advice, support, encouragement and a few laughs too. The ladies are legends. The interaction between us ladies is amazing to keep us going on this journey even on good and bad days. The before and after pictures are amazing from everyone and they are the best motivation to keep me on track to do each section. Don’t close the door to clutter anymore like me, get the steps and join white sage academy.” 

“Anne Marie is wonderful and kept me going through out my decluttering process, she has such vision & passion and the transformations are incredible”

“ My life, health and home has been transformed by Anne Marie nature talents for decluttering and helped to to let go of all the unwanted items that were clogging up my home”

“Anne Marie of White Sage Decluttering was the best decision of my life and investment I spent”

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and let’s get started!

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